Congregational Update | 5/1/2020

Dear CCFW Family,

Joel 1:2 says, “Give ear all you Inhabitants of the land! Has anything likes this happened in your days?”

Our last day of normal was March 14th. The next day, March 15th, we joined the rest of the world, the citizens of earth sheltering in place and practicing social distancing. I am sure as our part of the world called Tarrant County starts the process to re-open, you might be asking when will Calvary re-open? I have met with the Texas Calvary Pastors. I teleconferenced last week with the Lt. Governor of Texas along with hundreds of other Pastors. Yes, all Texas churches are free to re-open this Sunday and about two Texas Calvary’s will open this Sunday. To try and meet the guidelines set up by Governor Abbott will take a tremendous amount of planning on my part. For example, just a few things the Governor is asking churches to do:

  • Check temperature of all people entering chapel.
  • Everyone required to wear a mask & gloves.
  • Families that live in the same household may sit together but the rest must sit 6 ft apart (front, back & side), which means I would need to do about 4 to 5 Sunday services.
  • The entire chapel, lobby & restrooms must be sterilized between each service.
  • KiDZ Church or youth groups cannot meet.
  • All Sheep 65 years old and over cannot attend unless we provide a 65 + service for them.
  • No worship. Lt. Gov said that particles can shoot out of the mouth while singing or shouting.

THEREFORE, I will start planning on how to use The Barn, Kafé, Main Lobby and the Chapel to limit the amount of Sunday services and implement social distancing during services. So, when are we going to re-open Calvary? We are waiting for at least another two weeks as Tarrant County re-opens. We, the CCFW Board, do not feel it safe to re-open until we see the results in Coronavirus cases for the next two weeks. If we see a spike… well, we will see.

Love to all…..YOU are terribly missed by me & Becky!


Pastor Bill