KiDZ Church (nursery – 5th)

A Special Resurrection Message from Mrs. Danielle!

BALLOONS:  Every year after 2nd service, on Resurrection Sunday, we release balloons. This is something Teresa and I enjoy watching all the children do. This year, we would like to continue this tradition. We encourage you and your family to get a helium filled balloon (if possible) and tie a special scripture or message on the string. Or, if you aren’t able to purchase a helium filled balloon, no problem! Get a regular balloon and decorate it with scriptures and blow it up. At 12:30 pm we will all go outside and let our balloons go. If you chose a nonhelium balloon, at 12:30 pm, bounce it around with your family! Please take pictures or videos and share them on Facebook for all of us to see!!

I miss the opportunity of doing this together at the cross, but what a way of standing together in the midst of being physically apart. I can’t wait to see your balloons!

CHALK ART:  KiDZ Church would like to invite ALL families to get outside some time before Sunday (if the weather is nice) and create a special drive-way Resurrection Sunday message with chalk! Take a picture and send them in to us!!

We love you and miss you so much. Much love from Mrs. Danielle and Mrs. Teresa!!

KiDZ Church

Our goal at Calvary Chapel Fort Worth is to minister and teach KiDZ the Word of God on a level they understand. KiDZ Church ministers to children as young as infants in the nursery through 5th grade.

We seek to provide a safe and welcoming environment to every person that walks through our doors.

We use a dynamic curriculum that incorporates teaching the Word of God in a way that reaches all types of learners: listening (auditory learners), seeing (visual learners) and hands-on (kinesthetic learners). We achieve this by guiding them in ways to memorize Scripture, engaging them with Bible stories and interacting with them in intimate worship using multimedia and technology as teaching tools for ministering to the KiDZ.

We are excited to have your child(ren) join us and we are honored to be working alongside you to teach the Word of God and help instill a biblical worldview in each of their lives.

For more information, or if you would like to learn more about your opportunity to serve in KiDZ Church, please contact Danielle Macha at