College & Career

College and Career is a ministry for young adults!

College and Career is a community of single men and women, ages 18-29, who are desiring to find fellowship with those who are in a similar place in life. We meet twice a month on Saturdays at 6:30 pm of each month where you can expect food, conversation, prayer, and discussion for applying the Bible to practical living. We also make opportunities for fellowship by activities such as volleyball/picnics, bowling, movie night, game nights and other activities that would be too long to list.

Current Study:
We are currently studying the Book of Hebrews. As one of two foundational books in the New Testament, Hebrews will help you appreciate the supreme glory of Christ, His office as High Priest, what is true biblical faith and how to consistently walk a life of faith leading us from immaturity to maturity.

College and Career 2019 SCHEDULE:

August 24th  | Bible Study | 6:30 pm

September 7th, 21st

October 12th, 26th

November 9th ,23rd

December 14th Group Christmas Party

If you have a desire to fellowship with young adults and learn more about God’s word, this ministry is for you!

Please contact Tom & Valerie Stattman for more information:


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