Candy Cane Lane Christmas

Candy Cane Lane Christmas | Whirlwind Teams

PHASE 1 – Reconnaissance Mission:  PREPARING the Whirlwind!

We are so excited you have chosen to be a part of this life changing outreach to restore Candy Cane Lane in this community and to bring Christmas to families in need. We have just 10 short months to do what God has called us to do, which is to be a whirlwind that ushers in God’s love, hope, grace, comfort and Good News to families who reside south of I 820! Thank you in advance for all of the hard work, love and dedication you will be pouring into the team(s) you are choosing to serve in!

Keep in mind that this is the early reconnaissance phase of planning where we are putting together teams who will begin to explore, investigate and discuss how to accomplish each team’s mission. In this phase, we are not contacting anyone. Once all of the teams are established, then we will enter into PHASE 2.

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